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Specification, size and model of hose clamp 2022-01-04
Specification, size and model of throat hoop: 0.25, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, etc.

1. The bandwidths of throat hoops are 12.7mm and 14.2mm respectively. The main difference between German type hose clamp and American type hose clamp is non perforation. Non perforation and flanging design can protect the hose surface from damage. Features: balanced torque, uniform pressure, can provide stable and safe fastening effect; The disadvantage is that there is a dead angle under the worm, which is easy to produce leakage.

2. The throat hoop has a wide range of application, torsion resistance and pressure resistance, and the torsion moment of the throat hoop is balanced. The allowable external shear force exceeds the maximum friction force in the high-strength bolt bearing connection. The relative slip deformation between the connecting plates occurs until the bolt rod contacts the hole wall. After that, the simultaneous interpreting force is transmitted by the shear of the bolt body, the pressure of the hole wall and the friction between the contact surfaces of the plate, and finally the shear stress state of the bolt body or the failure of the hole wall is taken as the ultimate state of the shear connection.

3. The hose clamp is a fastener at the connection of soft and hard pipes T-bolt throat hoop is used to provide leak free connection. Typical installation includes truck air inlet and hose, automobile cooling valve pipeline, turbine flange connection, motorcycle exhaust system, marine application, rubber hose of irrigation system, rubber hose of water pump and filter bag, etc.
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