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Maintenance of system control cabinet 2021-12-27
Maintenance of system control cabinet

1. Maintenance content

1) Check the heat dissipation of the controller

It is forbidden to cover the controller with plastic or other materials; Sufficient space (> 120mm) shall be reserved at the back and side of the controller; the position of the controller shall not be close to the heat source; sundries shall not be placed on the top of the controller; the controller shall not be too dirty; one or more cooling fans shall not work; the fan inlet or outlet shall not be blocked; the air filter cloth shall not be dirty; when the operation is not performed in the controller, the front door must be kept closed.

2) Clean the teaching pendant

Clean the teaching pendant according to the actual needs and with appropriate frequency; Although the panel paint film can withstand the corrosion of most solvents, contact with strong solvents such as acetone should be avoided; When not in use, the teaching pendant shall be removed and placed in a clean place.

3) Clean the inside of the controller

The interior of the controller shall be cleaned at appropriate intervals according to environmental conditions, such as once a year; Special attention must be paid to the cleaning of cooling fans and air inlets / outlets. When cleaning, use a dust removal brush and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust under the brush. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to clean all parts directly, otherwise it will cause electrostatic discharge and damage the parts; Before cleaning the inside of the controller, be sure to cut it off!

4) Clean or replace the filter cloth

To clean the filter cloth, clean the filter cloth 3-4 times in 30-40 ℃ water with detergent. The filter cloth shall not be twisted dry, but can be placed on a flat surface to dry. The filter cloth can also be blown clean with clean compressed air.

5) Replace the battery regularly

The battery of the measuring system is a disposable battery (non rechargeable battery); when the battery is replaced, a message will appear in the message log. After the message appears, the battery power can be maintained for about 1800 hours. (it is recommended to replace the battery when the above information appears). The battery only works when the control cabinet is "powered off". The service life of the battery is about 7000 hours.

If the control cabinet controls the CBS unit in addition to the robot, or if the 8-axis robot is used, the service life of the battery is half that described above (2 SMU units are used).

6) Check the cooler

The cooling circuit adopts maintenance free closed system design, and each component of the external air circuit shall be inspected and cleaned regularly as required; When the ambient humidity is high, check whether the drainage outlet discharges water regularly.

2. Maintenance frequency (the time interval can be adjusted appropriately according to environmental conditions, robot operation hours and temperature)

1) General maintenance: 1 time / day;

2) Cleaning / replacement of filter cloth: once / 500h;

3) Replacement of measuring system battery: twice / 7000h;

4) Replacement of computer fan unit and servo fan unit: once / 50000h;

5) Check the cooler; Once a month.
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